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    NRWC 2016

    Researchers in the field of retail and wholesale gathered in Aarhus


    The 5th Nordic Retail and Wholesale Conference left Sweden for the first time since it started in 2008 in Norrtälje. This year’s conference took place at Aarhus University in Denmark.

    Special Issue

    We are happy to announce that the Special Issue of International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research featuring papers from NRWC 2016 has been published.

    Read more about the contents of the journal  >>

    About a 100 researchers in the field of retail and wholesale gathered in Aarhus in November to meet, discuss papers, listen to key note speakers and enjoy a bit of Aarhus at the NRWC 2016. Lars Esbjerg and Birger Botrup Jensen, Aarhus BSS, Department of Management, Aarhus University, were chairs of the conference.

    At an academic conference like this the wide spectrum of topics and interests in this field really become apparent. Some of the different themes that were discussed were digitalization, smart phones, logistics, economic geography, innovation, pricing, consumer behaviour, management, work and employment, omni-channel, sustainability and atmospherics.

    The first key note speaker was Kenneth Nielsen, Executive Vice President, E-commerce & Digital, from Dansk Supermarked Group, with previous experience from Apple and Amazon, who talked about the digitalization of a retailer.

    – In this new and fast changing environment it’s important that we learn continuously and that we allow mistakes so that we are open to try new things, said Kenneth.

    The conference dinner was held at ARroS Art Museum with a guided tour of some of the interesting contemporary art works exhibited in the museum before the dinner with a view of Aarhus by night.

    The second key note speaker was the well-known Professor Leigh Sparks, University of Stirling, and he focused on sense of place – specifically retail and the high street crisis.

    – The problem when it comes to city centres in small towns losing their retail to external locations is often categorized as a retail problem, but we need to see it through a wider lens and talk about the town centre as a whole, said Leigh.

    • Lars Esbjerg, Aarhus University, welcomes the participants to NRWC 2016, the first conference to be held outside of Sweden.

    • Kenneth Nielsen, Dansk Supermarked Group, pointed out the importance of personalised marketing and offers; the customers don’t accept the traditional “one-to-many”-approach anymore – they expect and anticipate more relevant marketing.

    • Researchers and some other taking interest in academic retail and wholesale research listening to the first key note speaker.

    • The track Retail digitalization was chaired by Johan Hagberg, The University of Gothenburg, who also talked about Ikea's digital journey.

    • Yujiao Li, Dalarna University, presented research on the effect of IKEA entry on labour productivity.

    • Sven-Olov Daunfeldt, HUI Research, talked about which companies hires immigrants who have been unemployed for at least 60 days, and the retail business are not so very good at it.

    • Some of the people listening and asking questions about Retail, work and employment.

    • Leigh Spark's key note speach was much appreciated by the audience.

    • Professor Leigh Sparks, University of Stirling, stressed that the crisis of high street retail is a question for the whole community and in the end a question of place and identity.

    • The principals of the conference Lena Litens, The Hakon Swenson Foundation, and Andreas Hedlund, The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council, presented the Award for Best Paper and the Award for Best PhD Paper.

    • Best PhD Paper was awarded to Karla Marie Batingan Paredes for the paper “Design Thinking for innovation in Retailing: An Exploratory Study”.

    • Best Paper was awarded to Magnus Söderlund, Eeva-Liisa Oikarinen and Eija-Liisa Heikka for the paper “Humor in the store and its effects on customer satisfaction”.

    • Last, but not least, the location of the next NRWC in 2018 was revealed and it will be held at Centre for Retail Studies, Bifrost University, Iceland.

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